The time has come. We knew it would.  After six years of fighting this project, the first approval is expected WEDNESDAY NIGHT.

The City Planning Commission is holding a special meeting this Wednesday night, to review AND APPROVE thousands of pages of environmental review documents and recommend approval of the project to the Council.  A project of this size, and with such importance to the residents, should not be approved the same night the materials are presented.  There should be several hearings to ensure all questions are asked, answered, and decision makers have time to be thoughtful.

WHERE: 440 Harcourt Ave, Seaside, City Hall Chambers

WHEN:   Wednesday, September 7th, 6 p.m.

To view the Agenda and Agenda Packet go to http://www.ci.seaside.ca.us/129/Agendas-Minutes.

We need EACH AND EVERYONE of you to show up and protest Seaside’s attempt to fast-track approval of the Monterey Downs project.

Also, if ANY of you know the Planning Commissioners, now would be the time to call them and tell them you really don’t see how they can get through this process in one night, more time is needed.  The Planning Commissioners are:

  • John Owens (Chair)
  • Michael Lechman (Vice Chair)
  • Keith Dodson
  • Margaret Leighton
  • Paul Mugan
  • Denise Ross
  • Arlington LaMica
  • Michael Spalletta

One final note: We have been informed that the City’s strategy is to adopt the project but NOT approve the race track.  We cannot trust them.  They may revive the race track later. They may ask the County to do the race track.  And, with such a significant project change, the public and the city should have more time to consider the impacts of the change. Finally, the race track is not the only objectionable element:

– This project will cause urban sprawl which is costly for public services and results in loss of City revenue.

– According to the project EIR 40,000 oaks will be removed for Monterey Downs

– This project will destroy a popular recreation area that currently costs the City nothing and provides great benefits to locals and tourists alike.

– Developers should be directed to land that is nearer to transportation and city services.

– The land has not yet been cleared as safe for residential development by the US EPA.

– The project is mostly in the County and there is no agreement with the County.

– The project requires water that is not currently available.

Please attend and make your voice heard! In October, the City Council will meet, and we will need to rally again.  The next few months are critical.  Your help is needed.