Alert: Seaside City Council to Consider Rescission of Monterey Downs Approvals.

Please attend the December 1st Seaside City Council Meeting.  See the links below:

Agenda item #10 on the Seaside City Council’s Dec. 1 Agenda asks the Council to consider rescission of the general plan amendments, specific plan, and zoning ordinance for Monterey Downs because:

The Project Applicant, Monterey Downs, LLC, informed the City on November 22, 2016, that they do not wish to proceed with the project as currently approved, and declined at this time to enter into an indemnification agreement as required by the approvals for the General Plan Amendment, Specific Plan, and Zone Text and Map Amendments. Therefore, the City Council will consider rescission of the approvals, direction to staff to effectuate that rescission, and remand the Project to the Planning Commission for consideration of further Project Revisions that Project Applicant may wish to propose.