Keep Fort Ord Wild wins lawsuit over Eastside Parkway.



Eastside Parkway Uncovered: Learn More About FORA’s Secret Freeway Through The Forest

Click below to see the Biological Resources report on Eastside Parkway. Obtained by KFOW in a public records request, this report was completed in January.  FORA didn’t see fit to post it on their website even though it is an enormous and destructive project the public clearly deserves to know more about.

Report includes maps plus info on acreage, environmental impacts and endangered species. Note: This is not an official Environmental Impact Report



Draft Biological Resources Rpt – Jan 2012




Happy Trails Happy Hour

Last night Gordon led a Happy Trails Happy Hour Tour with fellow KFOWers Jason and me for a bunch of influential local folks, to show the absurdity of the Monterey Downs project.

Gordon prepared map handouts which explained boundaries and elevations. It is
quite obvious that the preposterous MD renderings don’t match terrain and it
will never nor could be built as proposed. The plans are as fantastical as a
Kinkade painting. Needless to say the group was stunned by the beauty of the
area and the outrageous audacity of Boudreau.

Gordon made it educational and entertaining the whole way as we stopped frequently to compare maps and drawings.

It’s amazing to view the topography with the plan in hand and to point out the placement of various components on impossible locations, just one example, the location of “affordable” worker* housing right underneath massive power lines!  Send your request for a personal tour to

* p.s. How come everyone pushes for the abstract “JOBS” but hates the actual human “WORKERS” ?

Gordon Smith with maps