Keep Fort Ord Wild wins lawsuit over Eastside Parkway.



After a half decade, massive Monterey Downs development cancelled.

Monterey Downs is officially dead. Thanks to everyone for their support over the years to help stop this project!

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Alert: Seaside City Council to Consider Rescission of Monterey Downs Approvals.

Please attend the December 1st Seaside City Council Meeting.  See the links below:

Agenda item #10 on the Seaside City Council’s Dec. 1 Agenda asks the Council to consider rescission of the general plan amendments, specific plan, and zoning ordinance for Monterey Downs because:

The Project Applicant, Monterey Downs, LLC, informed the City on November 22, 2016, that they do not wish to proceed with the project as currently approved, and declined at this time to enter into an indemnification agreement as required by the approvals for the General Plan Amendment, Specific Plan, and Zone Text and Map Amendments. Therefore, the City Council will consider rescission of the approvals, direction to staff to effectuate that rescission, and remand the Project to the Planning Commission for consideration of further Project Revisions that Project Applicant may wish to propose.


This is Your Chance to STOP MONTEREY DOWNS Once and For All

Alert:  Keep Fort Ord Wild Is Partnering With Land Watch on a citizens referendum. This is Your Chance to STOP MONTEREY DOWNS Once and For All

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The time has come. We knew it would.  After six years of fighting this project, the FINAL CITY COUNCIL APPROVAL of Monterey Downs is expected 10/13

The City Council is holding a special meeting this Thursday night 10/13, to review AND APPROVE the flawed Monterey Downs Environmental impact report in addition to important general plan and zoning changes that would allow the project to proceed.

WHERE: 986 Hilby Avenue Seaside CA

WHEN:   Thursday, October 13, 2016

To view the Agenda and Agenda Packet go to:

We need EACH AND EVERYONE of you to show up and protest Seaside’s attempt to fast-track approval of the Monterey Downs project.

Note: The City’s strategy is to adopt the project but NOT approve the race track. They may also attempt to change the name of the project at the last minute to confuse the public.  We cannot trust them.  They may revive the race track later. They may ask the County to do the race track.  And, with such a significant project change, the public and the city should have more time to consider the impacts of the change. Finally, the race track is not the only objectionable element:

– This project will cause urban sprawl which is costly for public services and results in loss of City revenue.

– According to the project EIR 40,000 oaks will be removed for Monterey Downs

– This project will destroy a popular recreation area that currently costs the City nothing and provides great benefits to locals and tourists alike.

– Developers should be directed to land that is nearer to transportation and city services.

– The land has not yet been cleared as safe for residential development by the US EPA.

– The project is mostly in the County and there is no agreement with the County.

– The project requires water that is not currently available.

Please attend and make your voice heard! Your help is needed.


Dave Potter’s account of his Monterey Downs role crumbles under any type of scrutiny

Many thanks to the  Monterey Bay Partisan for this superb research on Dave Potter and Monterey Downs. Vote Mary Adams for District 5 Supervisor


Monterey Downs Developers Plan For Taxpayers to pick-up the bill for Horse Racing track.

IMG_0017Heads up! Now Downs developers want taxpayers will pick-up the bill for the Horse Racing track.



Monterey Downs Mirrors Epic Failure of Pinnacle Race Course in Michigan

Monterey Downs is using a similar template to Pinnacle Race Course.


Think Monterey Downs and horse racing will bring economic prosperity to Fort Ord and the Monterey Peninsula? Does this story sound familiar? Are you listening Monterey County? Are you listening Seaside?

Pinnacle Race Course was a failed attempt to start a new thoroughbred horse racing track in Huron Township, Michigan. The track was built on land owned by Wayne County, and the county lost $36 million when it failed.

The track was described by Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano as an experiment in cutting red tape. Ficano said, “I see this as an experiment to see if we can deliver speed, speed, speed…” Ficano was convinced by Republic Bancorp founder Jerry Campbell that a track would be viable in Wayne County, and would generate 2,300 permanent jobs. Based on this Wayne County sold the developer 320 acres of land for $1, and spent $26 million building roads, and installing sewer and water to the site.

Banker Jerry Campbell led an investment group that spent $35 million to open what was intended to be a $142 million thoroughbred track on 320 acres at Pennsylvania and Vining roads, a mile southwest of Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

Pinnacle, modeled after Churchill Downs, lasted three years and was only partially complete before it succumbed to both the recession and the decline in horse racing interest. Today, the track is abandoned and overgrown.

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Monterey Downs EIR: Horses will get 75 gallons per day while local humans face mandatory rationing

According to the recently released Monterey Downs EIR, horses like this and their buddies will get 75 gallons per day. Meanwhile local humans are on mandatory rationing as the drought enters its fourth year. No wonder the horse is laughing.




Extraordinary 1992 Fort Ord Parklands Document Reveals Early Public Vision To Preserve Parker Flats




Fort Ord Parklands Group Vision Statement: January 1992
To make the size of the documents manageable, this large document has been divided into three parts.
Part 1 is the text in which relevant parts have been highlighted.
Part 2 contains the figures and tables.
 Part 3 has the references and appendices.