Monterey Downs: Development Threat

Vast areas of Fort Ord open space under the jurisdiction of Monterey County and the City of Seaside are scheduled for extensive development beginning in 2-3 years. These developments will remove at least 50,000 Coast Live Oaks, displace or kill all wildlife and destroy an area that has been used for recreation by tens of thousands annually since the mid-1990′s. This is not a joke. These lands will be lost forever. Stand up and be heard. Go to a meeting and speak. Write a letter. Get involved!  Please Visit the Keep Fort Ord Wild Homepage for the latest on this development.

Monterey Downs is a proposed 550 acre, 1000 home, 500 apartment development in the Parker Flats area of the former Fort Ord. This enormous development is set to take place in one of the few remaining California Oak woodlands on the Central Coast. Monterey Downs promises to be an exclusionary mega-development that will be detrimental for all Fort Ord user groups, the surrounding community and the surrounding sensitive habitat areas. Monterey Downs plans also call for a 6,500 seat covered arena, a 1-mile horse race track, 1,000 horse stalls, two 200 room hotels, and a major retail shopping area. Monterey Downs principals have also recently admitted they plan to feature gambling at the facility which will be about 1/2 mile from Cal State Monterey Bay (CSUMB)

What The Monterey County Redevelopment Agency Considers Blight

Site of Proposed Monterey Downs Horse Racing Track

Monterey Downs proposals are inconsistent with The 2010 Monterey County General Plan, Monterey County Municipal Code, and The Federal Endangered Species Act.

The development is sponsored by a Malibu based Southern California developer and the same consultants who brought us the epic subdivision failure that is East Garrison.  Adding further insult, the lands to be used for Monterey Downs are part of the $400 + million Federal clean-up of Fort Ord. Thus, the developers will directly benefit from a taxpayer funded clean-up they didn’t pay for or help with and they will be getting land at a discount from Monterey County.

Monterey Downs will be more than twice the size of the stillborn East Garrison Project

Monterey Downs will be more than twice the size of the stillborn East Garrison Project

The area around Fort Ord is already reeling from other failed developments such as the unfinished East Garrison housing project which completely destroyed another California Oak Woodland habitat (5,100 trees lost).

The land in the proposed development is under the jurisdiction of Monterey County and the City of Seaside, CA. It should be retained as habitat area in perpetuity for the good of all citizens, not just the benefit of a select few.

At least Forty-six different documented rare plants and animals exist in adjacent BLM lands, including the coast wallflower, marine chaparral, tiger salamander, fairy shrimp, and mountain lion. The pictures you are viewing on this page are of ancient oaks that will be removed for Monterey Downs.

More of that irritating blight the Monterey County Redevelopment Agency is trying to eliminate


If you are against this project contact your community leaders and local media outlets and let them know about it, especially the Monterey County Board of Supervisors. Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors

View the Exclusive Negotiating Agreement Between Monterey County and Monterey Downs along with shocking project plans

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